About Us

Welcome to our suburban homestead, where our family of nine embarked on a herbal skincare journey in 2018. Inspired by a toddler’s struggle with eczema, we committed to a health-conscious lifestyle.

Natural Ingredients:
We believe in harnessing the gifts of nature for skin health. Our skincare creations incorporate plants, as we trust in God’s creation to provide essential nutrients and vitamins for healthy skin.

Sustainable Practices:
On our path to self-sustainability, we integrate eco-friendly practices. Over 90% of our materials are recyclable, compostable, and reusable, reflecting our commitment to both our business and homestead.

Holistic Health:
Recognizing our triune nature—spirit, soul, and body—we strive for overall well-being, understanding that true health is a continual pursuit that encompasses every aspect of our lives.

Giving Back:
Our vision extends beyond skincare; we aspire to impact underserved communities. One day, we hope to employ individuals from these communities in our skincare shop, offering fair wages, entrepreneurial education, and investments in their businesses.